An Accomplished Leader for the 30th District

An innovative thinker and distinguished leader in the community, Delegate Scott has acquired the reputation in the General Assembly as a tireless worker for his constituents and a thoughtful public servant. By bringing his business background and approach to state government, Delegate Scott has consistently been rated among the leading pro-business members of the Virginia House of Delegates, by Virginia FREE, a non-partisan business and political research organization, and recognized as a “Champion of Free Enterprise” by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.


We must continue our work to create jobs and improve our economy. Delegate Scott understands that government doesn’t create jobs, but can create a pro-business environment in which the private sector can flourish. By incentivizing job creators and attracting businesses to the Commonwealth, Virginia has seen over 150,000 net new jobs since January of 2010.  In the 2013 General Assembly session, Delegate Scott patroned HB 1475, which will allow Tanom Motors to create 300 jobs in Culpeper. 

Improving Education for Our Children

Education is about jobs and opportunity. A good education is the gateway to a good job or college degree. Teachers are critical to providing a solid education for our young people. Delegate Scott supported efforts in the 2013 General Assembly session to fund a pay raise for teachers and support staff and to create a strategic compensation plan that allows local leaders to reward teachers who meet locally established strategic goals. He strongly believes that accountability and reform will be successful for our students so long as the state provides its fair share of funding.

Reducing Congestion and Building Roads

This session the House of Delegates passed comprehensive transportation funding reforms for the first time in 27 years. This plan will invest over $3.5 billion over five years to bring Virginia’s transportation infrastructure into the 21st Century. Without this action, Virginia would have faced a maintenance shortfall of over $500 million by 2017.  For citizens of the 30th District, this plan means rural highways and roads will be maintained, and rural drivers won’t be stuck footing the bill for problems in other parts of the state. Delegate Scott is recognized by his colleagues for his work to improve Virginia’s revenue-sharing program for highway construction, a key element of transportation progress in our region.


The Affordable Care Act is creating very challenging decisions for state government as well as the private sector. This year’s budget requires reforms of how we provide Medicaid services to reduce costs and prevent fraud. Medicaid is the fastest growing item in the state budget and cost controls are needed before it can be expanded. If the federal government will work with Virginia to implement innovative new programs, we will lower costs and improve patient health. However, if the federal government will not work with us on reform or if the federal government backs out of its promised funding, Virginia will be stuck with significant costs. Delegate Scott will continue to work with his colleagues to oversee the implementation of Medicaid reforms in Virginia and to guarantee that the federal government upholds its obligation to fund this program.

Taxes and Spending

Delegate Scott has worked to make Virginia’s budget more structurally balanced, minimized state debt and set aside additional money for the Rainy Day Fund. Since 2007, a balanced budget has been passed every year, while cutting $7 billion from the state budget. Delegate Scott has presented and supported bills that assist the smaller businesses of our communities while continuing to promote central Virginia’s culture and encourage competition throughout the state.

Defending the Virginia State Constitution

One of the most important responsibilities of a legislator is to uphold the Constitution.  Delegate Ed Scott understands this and has worked to defend our constitutional rights and voted for laws that secured our communities.  Delegate Scott co-patroned the Constitutional Amendment that strengthened the rights of private property owners when government or other entities attempt to exercise the power of eminent domain and that clarifies that property can be taken or damaged only for a public use. The voters of Virginia approved this amendment overwhelmingly in 2012. 

Preserving Our Second Amendment Rights

As Co-Chairman of the General Assembly’s Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus, Delegate Scott knows that it is imperative to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. Delegate Scott has been awarded an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA) for his efforts to preserve our Second Amendment rights.


As Vice-Chairman of the House Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Committee, Delegate Scott worked to ensure Virginia’s water quality improvement efforts move forward in a manner that carefully assesses the costs and benefits of new initiatives. He carried successful legislation, HB 1831, which removed phosphorus from lawn maintenance fertilizers. The Resource Management Plan legislation, HB 1830, which he patroned to protect farmers in compliance for water quality from further excessive regulation has been viewed as a model for other states.  In the 2013 General Assembly session, Delegate Scott carried HB 2254, which brings Virginia’s menhaden fishers management program into compliance with the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s updated quota program while requiring further scientific assessment of the health of this important fishery.   

Supporting Agriculture and Small Business

Delegate Scott understands that small businesses are the core of the economy of the 30th District and the Commonwealth. In past sessions, he carried successful legislation to make it easier for small businesses and the insurance agents who serve them to shop for health insurance. Agriculture is also a significant contributor to our local economy and remains a major land use. Delegate Scott’s efforts to assist new and growing farm wineries are part of his commitment to Virginia agribusiness. In the 2012 General Assembly session, Delegate Scott carried successful legislation, HB 300, to create the beehive grant fund, which will help not only beekeepers, but also the producers of numerous crops in the 30th District and throughout Virginia.

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